Water Charging Process -The Sourxe III

Water Charging Process -The Sourxe III

Charging Process

It only takes sixty seconds for TheSourxe III to complete the four phases: User preparation, water preparation, pre nucleate and nucleating the water.  You can monitor the process by observing the indicators on the bottom line.


Phase One - User preparation

Programs the user’s subconscious mind for acceptance.


Phase Two - Water Preparation

Previously stored data in the water is erased. We blank-slate the water to insure integrity of our new program data.


Phase Three – Pre Nucleate Water

This important phase connects with the primary water structure and starts the agreement with the conscious of the water. This is a new step in TheSourxe III.


Phase Four- Nucleate Water

This most important phase alters the molecular structure of the water, to reflect the users expectations, and merge with the internal molecular blueprint.

Now, drink the water. As you taste the charged water you may notice a change in its taste or quality.

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