What is The Sourxe III?

What is The Sourxe III?

The Sourxe III is an easy to use computer software program.  Its purpose is to assist you in changing your personal reality. With water acting as a catalyst, it deploys very high vibrational energies which will, in turn, manifest your heart's desires.

What is TheSourxe III?

Enter a world not limited by your senses...a world as infinite as your imagination...Think outside 'The Box' and enter TheSourxe III. We are surrounded by energy, levels of vibration, confirmed by science, and our intuition. As ever-expanding beings we strive for ever higher vibrational energy, just as we seek good over evil or light over darkness. 

What your senses perceive is for the most part indistinguishable from the next person, but never identical, making your reality unique. Every minute of every day your life is shaped and molded by YOU. Allow that the Universe is governed by a Supreme Intelligence, composed of pure ENERGY and LIGHT, and that all existence is created through symbolism. Now imagine having access to that core library of symbols, the very fabric of creation itself.

 You have entered TheSourxe III, known as 'The Modern Day Genie in a Bottle.' We offer it to all who want to take control of their lives and shape their own destinies. But beware, the 'Genie' only grants moral intentions.  For an extensive treatise on water, refer to an article written by Peter Warshall, titled: The Morality of Molecular Water.


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