Take Aquaware 3.1 for a test drive.

Take Aquaware 3.1 for a test drive.

Let’s give Aquaware a little trial run.

Water Prep

Get a glass of water, 3 or 4 ounces should do it. Return to the computer with it and set it down somewhere nearby. Click on and slide the power output selector to the right a little, OR, you can type something like 5 or 50 into the power percentage indicator (and the slider button will also change). For now, let’s set it at about 30% by either method.

Where your attention is, is where you direct consciousness (or frequency). Whether you're a new age guru, a politician or an Anglican priest this is a most essential fact. Therefore, when you’re about to select an intent type (including Water Prep), put your attention on the water (in the glass, tub or shower), then make the selection. Go ahead, put your attention on the water and select Water Prep. It is that easy.

The cycle is 22 seconds. When it’s complete the viewing area will show “Cycle Complete.” You also saw the cycle’s countdown by percent complete. Now click Intent Types Three and you’ll see the below.

User Prep

User Prep is used to override your subconscious mind and its own programming, which will GREATLY enhance the effectiveness of the intent types. Prep 3 or 4 ounces of water as normal, put your attention on the water and select User Prep. Drink the water, and note that this will also increase the effectiveness of both Bathing and Showering.
We know that you’re excited to get started, but please look over these important considerations.

Intention Selection

Go ahead, for an intent type, set the power at about 25%, put your attention on the water and make a selection. Always remember that you might want to have a different power output setting with Water Prep than with an Intent Type. We just prepped it at 30% power, which is good for anyone, but the rule of thumb for intent types is to start low, under 25%, and work up from there. You can also go by feel, if you’re the type to trust your instincts. Start the slider at either 0% or 100% and move the slider until it feels right. Too high a setting, or overuse, and you’ll know you’ve done too much too soon one way or another.

Next Steps

After a few days of use you’ll have your own system down.


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