Aquaware 3.1 User Guide

Aquaware 3.1 User Guide

Welcome to the power of Aquaware. Before we begin, please read these instructions completely— you can believe us when we say you want to have as few questions as possible before you start using this powerful program. Let’s first visually familiarize you with the functions of Aquaware.

Now let’s familiarize you with what happens when using Aquaware. You are about to consciously direct and impress light frequencies in and through water via selectable intent. The frequencies create fundamental geometric liquid crystalline forms (much like snowflakes, or hexagonal geometry) that are able to communicate with you at the level of your own water-based blueprint, essentially uncovering an array of more natural states of being. Using as pure a water as possible is most efficient and effective (we think it's crucial). Use spring water, artesian well water, or bottled water. Most bottled waters should be fine, however. Generally your favorite is your favorite for a reason.

Let’s give it a little trial run. Get a glass of water, 3 or 4 ounces should do it. Return to the computer with it and set it down somewhere nearby. Click on and slide the power output selector to the right a little, OR, you can type something like 5 or 50 into the power percentage indicator (and the slider button will also change). For now, let’s set it at about 30% by either method.

Where your attention is, is where you direct consciousness (or frequency). Whether you're a new age guru, a politician or an Anglican priest this is a most essential fact. Therefore, when you’re about to select an intent type (including Water Prep), put your attention on the water (in the glass, tub or shower), then make the selection. Go ahead, put your attention on the water and select Water Prep. It is that easy.

The cycle is 22 seconds. When it’s complete the viewing area will show “Cycle Complete.” You also saw the cycle’s countdown by percent complete. Now click Intent Types Three and you’ll see the below.

Important Tip: ALWAYS prep the water for drinking and direct application first using the Water Prep button. Below, in Important Considerations, there are tips for efficiency and ease for this. The Bath and Shower types have Water Prep built into them, so this step isn’t necessary for those.

Go ahead, for an intent type, set the power at about 25%, put your attention on the water and make a selection. Always remember that you might want to have a different power output setting with Water Prep than with an Intent Type. We just prepped it at 30% power, which is good for anyone, but the rule of thumb for intent types is to start low, under 25%, and work up from there. You can also go by feel, if you’re the type to trust your instincts. Start the slider at either 0% or 100% and move the slider until it feels right. Too high a setting, or overuse, and you’ll know you’ve done too much too soon one way or another. After a few days of use you’ll have your own system down.

USER PREP: This one is used to override your subconscious mind and its own programming, which will GREATLY enhance the effectiveness of the intent types. Prep 3 or 4 ounces of water as normal, put your attention on the water and select User Prep. Drink the water, and note that this will also increase the effectiveness of both Bathing and Showering.
We know that you’re excited to get started, but please look over these important considerations.
Further instructions for features, intent types and functionality follow this section.

We have already exposed you to Automatic Mode, as you can see in the lower left of the screenshot above. Now let’s show you what Manual and Standby Modes are and how to select them.

Go ahead and mess around with the two selection methods so that you can see the options as they display. When you’re ready, select Manual Mode and you’ll see how the mode indicator changes, and X and Y coordinates boxes appear, as shown in the next screenshot.

PLEASE NOTE: Manual Mode does not apply to either Water Prep or User Prep.
Now go ahead and set your power output with the slider (or type a two digit number in the box) click Intent Types One and select the fourth option under Bathing and Showering, which will be ADHD (might help with these instructions!).

Now move the mouse around in Aquaware’s main image pane and you’ll see the crosshairs moving with your mouse over the top of the ADHD image. Now please refer to the screenshot on the next page to see what happens next.


 The power output for Water Prep refers mainly to the volume of water you’re zapping. For anything less than a few gallons you won’t need anything over 50% or 60%.

 You’ll quickly figure out that you’ll prep water “in bulk,” so to speak. If you keep a jug of drinking water in the fridge, for example, go ahead and prep the whole thing and pour your “doses” from it. Prepped water, whether you zap it with an intent or not, is just better water.

 Use only one selectable intent at a time as you don't want to confuse the "single- minded purpose” of the water, although some people report that it works just fine with only a few (not from our experience, however).

 If you’re planning several intents, you’ll want to factor that in to the power setting. Example: 3 or 4 intents at 2 to 4 ounces each first thing in the morning and you should probably turn the power down from where you’d normally set it. If only 1 dose at 3 to 5 ounces, you can afford a pretty good jolt, the upper limit of the power you should be using. If you’re going to zap something like 24 ounces and plan to slam it, you’re going to want a significantly lower power setting, but if you’re going to use the 24 ounces throughout the day, then a higher power setting is OK. We think you get the picture. Water volume, power settings and the time it takes to consume are variables measured in concert with each other, each affecting the other. As stated above, you’ll know when you’ve used too much too soon and will develop your own system.

 Important Tip: if the categories pane gets “stuck” in view and doesn’t retract, just double-click the appropriate group tab, e.g., Resource Center or the Intent Types.

 Too much too soon might result in a dull headache and/or some fatigue and/or a detox reaction, or all three of these or even other manifestations. You can use Aquaware to alleviate these effects, but remember that you’ll want the power set significantly less than the levels that got you there to begin with. Remember, there are no dangers with too much too soon unless you’re detoxifying from drug or alcohol addiction. The Detox type is not to be used for this, and if you do use it you do so at your own risk.

 It's always best to trust your body when a process starts. Your body and the water are partners, and they know better than your conscious mind what to do, and although there may be some discomfort or other manifestations (stool, urine, perspiration, etc.), any detoxing process will be as gentle as it can be. Equally, don't be surprised if you undergo a detoxing process that you barely notice or don't notice at all.

 There may be a period of attunement to the more natural states of being that is an across-the board result of most or all of these intent types. The attunement could include feeling tired for a day or two (or more) after starting Physical or Mental Energy, or feeling bloated or gaining weight on Fat Loss. Remember that it took a lot of time and, believe it or not, effort to get you to the way you are now and what you want to change, so be patient. Very frequently, however, instantaneous and almost instantaneous results are being reported. If all it does is work and you’re feeling better and better from the outset, then great!

 Very frequently (so often it's astounding) reported with many of these is a very clear, profound and deeper connection with your body, a palpable sense of presence
within your body and a growing comfort in "your own skin." The result is a burgeoning and pristine self-image, which as you very likely know is so important it could be said to be everything. Also reported is an increasing awareness of fields and subtle energies around testers, increasing intuitional capabilities, connections to the indescribable "something’s" that add to the profound beauty that you are.

 If something doesn't work for you, the first thing to do is to use User Prep before a given intent. If that doesn’t seem to do the trick, it may require more time, or to "hit" the water with the same intent and power setting twice. It may also be that while your conscious mind feels you need it, your "truer body-mind" knows that you don't. Example: there are a lot of supermodels out there that believe they need to lose weight when in fact they need to gain it.


Note: We’ll give descriptions here of only the functions not covered above.

Windows Symbol/Main Menu

o About—Displays program version. o Water Prep—prepares the water for programming, also found in the quick tools in the top bar. o User Prep—used to override your subconscious mind’s programming to increase the effectiveness of the intent types.

o Medical Disclaimer—displays the medical disclaimer.

o Exit—exits the program.
Resource Center

o Usage Instructions—launches these instructions.

o Aquaware Forum—links you to the Aquaware Forum online for interaction with other Aquaware users.

o Intent Index—this is a quick reference alphabetical listing with short descriptions of all 250 some odd intent types. You’d use this as a means to search and locate the group and category of a specific intent type. It’s a good idea to peruse this document to see what all can be addressed with this program.

o Skins—customize your Aquaware with colors and styles (Money Twins is highly recommended).

o Mode Selection—select Automatic, Manual or Standby modes. o History and History Reset—display and/or erase your Aquaware usage history.

Intent Types One

o Bathing—This listing of types are all health conditions that fairly closely match Conditions found under Intent Types Two. Water Prep isn’t necessary for the Bathing & Showering types. All cycles in this category last 10 minutes. As your skin is astonishingly absorbent, bathing is a great way to address conditions.

o Cleanse & Rejuvenate—this is for cleansing and rejuvenating organs, organ systems, and glands; a very popular category.

o Human Potential—although the slogan is to beautify both your interior and exterior, there is great potential in the types in this category, as you’ll see once you’ve looked them over, much of which could be interchangeable with Self-Image. Human Potential is also a very popular category. 

Intent Types Two

o Conditions—a general list of types for health conditions, and as stated above fairly closely matches those found under the Bathing category.

o Physical & Mental Performance—boost your physical and mental performance with these types, which include types professional or amateur athletes might use.

o Toxic Habits/Environmental—repair damage from environmental and habitual toxins, and fortify you body against potential damage from the same sources.

Intent Types Three

o General Purpose—drinking water, plants, pets, oxygenation...a list of types for, well, general purposes.

o Mood Altering—you might find these types to be handy for any number of purposes, most of which should be obvious by the time you’ve looked them over. Have fun with these!

o Super Potent—you will find this category extremely potent, to be used with a more advanced user.

Intent Types Four

o Spiritual Purposes—Helping oneself to find their path in life. o Abilities—Helping to grow different abilities within ourselves o Miscellaneous — Various intents that fall under this category.
WATER PREP INFO If water is this programmable, then it’s safe to assume that it carries programs based upon everywhere it's been, everything and everyone it's been exposed to. Those programs, or imprints, are what determine the shape of its crystal. Therefore, changing the crystal itself is the trick to the programming, but the first thing that must be done is to "deprogram" it, or erase it. We must turn it into a blank slate so that the integrity of our programming remains unaffected by already resident programming.


1. Based upon what you’ve read above about volumes, power and the time it takes to consume (slam it versus sipping all day), plan your runs accordingly. Pour some water in a glass or plastic cup (or all day container). Always use Water Prep first, and after you've prepped the water, you then zap it with an intent type. 2. You can drink the water, put it on your skin (skin conditions, sore joints, painful muscles), scalp (hair regrowth, skin conditions), or drip it into your eyes (cleanse and rejuvenate—a dropper is handy for this). 3. The proximity of the water to your computer makes no difference, but it makes sense that water you plan to ingest or directly apply is near your monitor as you make your selection, meaning that if you fill a glass of water you’re likely not going to leave it on the kitchen counter and then go to a different room, your office, for example, to zap it.


This was originally designed to augment the effectiveness of the intent types in instances where an intent type doesn’t seem to be doing anything. However, we’re convinced that overriding the subconscious mind, and therefore the blockages from typical programming, is a good idea to use for everything. Just zap 3 or 4 ounces and drink it, also VERY useful before bathing and showering.


As stated above, proximity doesn't matter, so you don’t need to take your computer into the bath or shower with you!

Bathing—Begin filling your tub and go back to your computer. Put your attention on the bath water and select your intent type from the Bathing category. Under Bathing you’ll find quite a list of preprogrammed conditions, but there’s an alternative. There is a Bathing type under General Purpose. This one is just to treat yourself to a wonderful bath with no particular intent in mind, but you can add an intent. Hit the bath water with it (3 minute cycle), and then hit it with anything else in all of the groups and categories (except for under Bathing, which would be redundant).
Examples: 1) Bathing, 2) PMS/Menstrual (highly recommended!); or 1) Bathing, 2) Skin Radiance; or 1) Bathing, 2) Oxygenation (highly recommended!); or 1) Bathing, 2) Fountain of Youth (also highly recommended!).

Showering—For the shower just start it, put your attention on it, and select Showering from the General Purpose group. This cycle also lasts for 10 minutes. As already stated, Water Prep is built into this type and is therefore unnecessary. One of the ways you’re going to know just how effective Aquaware is will be in the feel and health of your skin from the Bathing and Showering. We’ll say no more and let you see this for yourself.

BELIEF It isn't necessary for you to believe that something this effortless, intangible and powerful could work, but if you disbelieve it, it might not. At the same time don't be surprised if the power of these waters overrides your disbelief (for several so-called debunkers, it has). Of course, it's difficult to believe in something that you haven't tried, which is of course why you’re reading this. The most prevalent frame of mind with our testers thus far has been "I'm open to it," which is all that is necessary.
LOCATING INTENT TYPES YOU WANT We acknowledge the fact that 499+ intent types is quite a list to look through and is easy to get lost in, which is why the Intent Index is available to you.
Under Resource Center you’ll find “Intent Index.” Select it to launch the document in Acrobat Reader. Under Acrobat’s Edit (top left) menu you’ll see “Find.” Select it and key in a word relating to what you’re wanting to run. You’ll then be able to determine the Group and Category of the intent type.

Known Issues
Windows 7 and Windows 8 have a known limitation with file permissions. If you are seeing this error please follow the instructions below.

  • When launching AW3 if you receive the following message so we have to change the permissions on the logFile.txt located in your AW3 directory. 
  • Open Windows Explorer and right click on the logFile.txt located in the Aquaware 3.0 directory and select properties. 
  • Click on the “Security” tab and select “Users (PC-Name\Users)” 
  • Select the “Edit” button 
  • Now select “Users (PC-Name\Users)” 
  • Click the “Full control” and select “OK” 
  • This will set the permission so Aquaware 3.0 can access the logFile.txt unrestricted. 


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