How MDM Software Works

1) The Power of Intention - All of our software products leverage the awesome human "power of intention". We capture and harness this power and magnify it thousands of times to accomplish your intent in less time and zero effort on your part.  To good to be true? Try it and see what thousands of other users have already discovered, this is real and it works.

2) Collective Consciousness via Quantum Realm Connection - We establish a connection between your mind and the quantum realm, using the collective consciousness.

3) Water Programming (Nucleate) - Water is very programmable, as has been well-established by Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan, and many others. We are between 55% and 80% water, and so one unit of water carrying a specific frequency will communicate to nearby units of water that same frequency, which unit will communicate to additional nearby units and so on.

Water, once erased of all its previous imprints and programming, is free of any doubts or fears, or programmed blockages or baggage from which most people suffer to some extent. In many cases such doubts, fears or blockages are well beyond the conscious knowledge of a given person, and therefore very few people have any knowledge what is wrong with them. Erasing, or blankslating, the water, using the Water Preparation Feature, is one of the primary functions, putting it into a condition where it can go about its instructions without so much as a second of doubt. Once programmed, the water has a job to do and it does it.

We accomplish the actual programming of the water through the use of light frequencies that are established using sacred geometry, and by creating light paths back to source at exactly the right frequency to manifest your intention.

4) Water Application Options - Once water has been programmed, then the user may program the target, (himself, another person or a pet/plant) either ingesting it, bathing in it, or spraying it into the air.

5) Intention Results - Once you have completed steps 1-4 within 2-14 days you will begin to experience your intention.

6) Effect of Software on Abilities - MDM software is designed to open up senses and abilities that have been dormant your entire life (or lives). They can and will bring back ancient abilities and enlightenment through the quantum plane. Essentially, each person that uses MDM software is opening a a pathway back to their repository of knowledge. Each software program is different in that it opens a different channel for each person and the user experiences will be different. As an example, no two people using the 12thProject 3.0 Zeus module will experience the same awareness or abilities that come forth.

7) Detoxification, A Potential Side Effect - Too rapid implementation of intentions or too high a power level may cause "Detoxification" or "Detoxing" of the body. This phenomenon is real and is documented in hundreds of use cases. The process of detoxing is caused by your body reaching a higher vibration level and at the same time ridding itself of harmful toxins and poisons. 

The sensation of detoxing can range from light-headedness at the low end to flu like symptoms that may keep you in bed for several days. Each time you emerge from an experience of detox your physical body will be stronger and more able to handle the processing of intentions.

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    once an intention is put in water, if the water is not drank soon how long will the intention stay in the water ?

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