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The sage's transformation of the world arises from solving the problem of water.  If water is united, the human heart will be corrected. If water is pure and clean, the heart of the people will readily be unified and want cleanliness. Even when the citizenry's heart is changed, their conduct will not be depraved. So the sage's government does not consist of talking to people and persuading them, family by family. The pivot (of work) is water.





TheSourxe III is an easy to use computer software program.  Its purpose is to assist you in changing your personal reality. With water acting as a catalyst, it deploys very high vibrational energies which will, in turn, manifest your heart's desires.



Fill a glass of water. Concentrate on a clear objective of your expectations, e.g. what you hope to realize thru TheSourxe III.

  • CLICK 'TheSourxe III' BUTTON (Please refer to the Interface Pictures Below)



TheSourxe III will affect anything containing water-molecules, including drinks and foods. Only a single pass is required.


What is TheSourxe III?

Enter a world not limited by your senses...a world as infinite as your imagination...Think outside 'The Box' and enter TheSourxe III. We are surrounded by energy, levels of vibration, confirmed by science, and our intuition. As ever-expanding beings we strive for ever higher vibrational energy, just as we seek good over evil or light over darkness.  What your senses perceive is for the most part indistinguishable from the next person, but never identical... making your reality unique. Every minute of every

day your life is shaped and molded by YOU. Allow that the Universe is governed by a Supreme Intelligence, composed of pure ENERGY and LIGHT, and that all existence is created through symbolism. Now imagine having access to that core library of symbols, the very fabric of creation itself.


You have entered TheSourxe III, known as 'The Modern Day Genie in a Bottle.' We offer it to all who want to take control of their lives and shape their own destinies. But beware, the 'Genie' only grants moral intentions.  For an extensive treatise on water, refer to an article written by Peter Warshall,

titled: The Morality of Molecular Water.


How does TheSourxe III Work?

TheSourxe III imparts a map of your expectations upon the molecular structure2 of the water. Ingesting this altered water in turn, frees the blocks and limitations of your unconscious mind thereby allowing you to consciously create your desires instead of manifesting a reality from limiting belief systems stored in the unconscious.

During this process, you are directing quantum codes (with the help of TheSourxe III software) that will actually alter your data path. This is done by having the codes inserted ahead of your personal time-line. As you drink the water it merges with your own molecular blueprint, and affects your state of   consciousness. Additional information about water crystal formation and confirmed water memory properties  is available from researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto.


Why Water?

Human cells consist of 65-90 percent water. Vibrations traveling through water transfer energy, information, and vibrational frequency from one cell to another. OK, so how does that help me, you say. It has been demonstrated by Dr. Emoto, as well as from many other esteemed researchers and scientists, that water is very programmable.

Amazingly, water can be used to store data and when erased of previous imprints or programming, it becomes a virtual blank slate. By applying ‘blank slating’ to the subconscious mind, one can erase doubts, fears, blockages or burdens, including those beyond our conscious knowledge.


TheSourxe III software utilizes water as the catalyst to bring about your desired objectives. In other words – what you want to manifest and the type of life you want to live! It sounds almost magical, but believe it or not, TheSourxe III actually reprograms water to receive and execute your designated intentions.



Conscious and unconscious manifestation makes up our reality. Each uses our mind, but in different ways.


Conscious Manifestation

Conscious manifestation is the act of creating the thought you want to become reality. Begin by imagining your objective in all its physical dimensions. Think of a frozen latte, how it looks,  feels, and tastes. When the image is formed, you pass it to TheSourxe III for unconscious manifestation.


Unconscious Manifestation

You may think about something and a few minutes later it is really happening. For instance, you're thinking of a certain model of car and sometime later really the car passes you on the street. You are watching a movie on TV, and then turn it off. A few days later you turn the TV on again, and the same movie is playing at the exact place where you left off. Imagine your reality as an infinite stream of energy, with conscious and unconscious thoughts moving in parallel. Your conscious thought, thinking of a certain car, and the unconscious manifestation, the exact car passing you.



Ready a glass of water or a drink and place it near your computer.  Concentrate on a clear objective of your expectations, e.g. what you hope to realize through TheSourxe III. Next, focus your attention on the glass of water and click TheSourxe III II button.


Charging Process

It only takes sixty seconds for TheSourxe III to complete the four phases: User preparation, water preparation, pre nucleate and nucleating the water.  You can monitor the process by observing the indicators on the bottom line.


  • Phase One - User preparation
  • Programs the user’s subconscious mind for acceptance.
  • Phase Two - Water Preparation
  • Previously stored data in the water is erased. We blank-slate the water to insure integrity of our
  • new program data.
  • Phase Three – Pre Nucleate Water
  • This important phase connects with the primary water structure and starts the agreement with
  • the conscious of the water. This is a new step in TheSourxe III.
  • Phase Four- Nucleate Water
  • This most important phase alters the molecular structure of the water, to reflect the users expectations, and merge with the internal molecular blueprint.
  • Now, drink the water. As you taste the charged water you may notice a change in its taste or quality.


Resources Tab

Here you'll find tabs for FAQ, Manual, and feedback to contact TheSourxe III Team, and several 'skins' to change the look of the software window.


Meet the nine symbols of creation.


Water Quality

TheSourxe III works on anything containing water-molecules, such as water, drinks or food. We recommend bottled or filtered water. The cleaner the water, the stronger and more effective is its programming.

You may also experiment with the taste of food or wine.


Water For Bathing or Showering

Here's another important tip: proximity doesn’t matter, so you don’t need to take your computer into the bathroom or shower with you! For bathing begin filling your tub and go back to your computer. Put your attention on the bath water and click the button.


To shower, start the program, put your attention on it, then go and shower. Simply put your attention on the water in the tub or pouring from the shower head.


Programming Water for Others (Over Distances)

To help a friend, call and ask him or her to place a glass of water in their hand. Concentrate on

the water they’re holding and just click the TheSourxe III button.


Fun Suggestion

To experiment with alcoholic drink, pour a glass of wine, and taste it before and after running TheSourxe III. You'll find treated wine better tasting.


Final Note

  • Please share your experiences on our forum.
  • We invite your suggestions to improve our product.
  • Send comments, questions, or problem descriptions by e-mail to feedback@TheSourxe
  • We wish you a creative and rewarding experience with TheSourxe III.


Yours Truly,



TheSourxe III Team

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