About Manifestation


Conscious and unconscious manifestation make up our reality. Each uses our mind, but in different ways.

Conscious Manifestation

Conscious manifestation is the act of creating the thought you want to become reality. Begin by imagining your objective in all its physical dimensions. Think of a frozen latte, how it looks,  feels, and tastes. When the image is formed, you pass it to TheSourxe III for unconscious manifestation.


Unconscious Manifestation

You may think about something and a few minutes later it is really happening. For instance, you're thinking of a certain model of car and sometime later really the car passes you on the street. You are watching a movie on TV, and then turn it off. A few days later you turn the TV on again, and the same movie is playing at the exact place where you left off. Imagine your reality as an infinite stream of energy, with conscious and unconscious thoughts moving in parallel. Your conscious thought, thinking of a certain car, and the unconscious manifestation, the exact car passing you.

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