Why Water?

Why Water?

Human cells consist of 65-90 percent water. Vibrations traveling through water transfer energy, information, and vibrational frequency from one cell to another. OK, so how does that help me, you say. It has been demonstrated by Dr. Emoto, as well as from many other esteemed researchers and scientists, that water is very programmable.

Amazingly, water can be used to store data and when erased of previous imprints or programming, it becomes a virtual blank slate. By applying ‘blank slating’ to the subconscious mind, one can erase doubts, fears, blockages or burdens, including those beyond our conscious knowledge.

All Modern Day Mystic software utilizes water as the catalyst to bring about your desired objectives. In other words – what you want to manifest and the type of life you want to live! It sounds almost magical, but believe it or not, Modern Day Mystic software actually reprograms water to receive and execute your designated intentions.

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