Introduction to 12th Project 3.0 by Peter J. Schenk

Introduction to 12th Project 3.0 by Peter J. Schenk


The 12th Project 3.0 consists of nineteen modules of which twelve are designed to activate virtual chakras located on the quantum plane and seven which are designed to clear and restore to health the physical chakras.

Virtual Twelve

The codes contained within the twelve virtual chakras are awakened when using the software as instructed. They contain ancient abilities that have laid dormant your entire life.
Essentially, each person that uses the software opens a link to their Akashic repository of knowledge.

Each of the 12 modules will open a different chakra and no two people will experience the same awakening. The coded information received is personal to you, and you alone.

The different modules perform in similar ways. Therefore, the instructions for each are the same. Understand, each module will function as needed specific to each user. Because of this, there is no way to define precisely what information will be accessed using each module; the experience will be unique to you.

Look over the different screens to familiarize yourself with the functions of the program.

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