How long should I try an Intent for to get it to work?

How long should I try an Intent for to get it to work?

I have found that the more you use Aquaware, the more sensitive to it you become. I would pick a few intents that support each other to target whatever you are trying to accomplish and then use them daily for at last a week. 

This way you will really let the information integrate into your system, although the integration may take longer than a week.  Don't be in a rush and let it happen naturally.  And be careful with the power levels.  They can sneak up on you if you are not aware. 

I have found that it is almost an art form finding the right power levels to get maximum benefit while minimizing detox.  This is still something I am refining and it depends on a number of factors including how many intents you are using, how often you are drinking the water, how much you are drinking, how sensitive you are, how toxic your body/mind is, etc. Good luck and I hope you derive benefits from Aquaware.


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