Beginners experiment with Aquaware

For when your starting out a good way to work with Aquaware is to really get your brain adjusted to what you're doing. To that end you can try the following:

Get your glass of water, and place it in front of the monitor. Then, click your prep and look at your glass of water.

Imagine a bubble of any color, smoke, waves anything that will help you visualize that something...that energy is coming from the program and wrapping around your water. Do this for your intent as well. You'll begin to feel the energy come off the monitor/computer/air wherever and you will feel it go into the water more. If you want after you do that try to imagine that your water is now programmed and slowly drink it back concentrating on the energy you changed it to.

Water Prep at 35-42%. Then change your powers around and experiment. If you are looking for more noticeable intents stick to the ones that will show a more immediate affect and stay away from the ones like "Cleanse and Rejuvenate". Those are more subtle effects and you can't really "feel" them per se.

So, for sake of experiment I'll list a few that you should try out and see if you can't feel an effect. But dont imagine it to be like a magic pill or something but more of a boost that settles in.

Lets go with, Creativity (if you are a arts oriented person), Morning Jolt, Oxygenation, Relaxation, Social Lubricant (when you go out somewhere), Physical Energy under the fitness section (if you are a fitness type of person).

Don't think that you have to limit yourself to one intention type either. You can make yourself 2 or 3 glasses of water, just 4 ounces each so you don't get full of water and all sloshy. 

Mix intents that you think would go well together. I found that Oxygenation is a catalyst for alot of other intents so its a good mixer with others.

Let us know what you get out of this experiment. Remember its all about experimenting and finding out where your power levels are or perhaps you're a slower gain and it takes a few days to get adjusted.

Some are sensitive and some are not. Some users like a very high power level and very tiny amounts of water.

It is different for each of us. Good luck and let us know!


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