Multidimensionality and it's importance with Aquaware

I think we need to use another system of understanding. What we are talking about is multidimensionality. If we stay on the level of Freud and Jung, our understanding is stuck in the 3-D perspective.

Check out the recent works of Barbara Hand Clow on this. She sites the work of scientist Carl Johan Calleman who has uncovered at least 9 dimension that we humans operate on and have done so for millions of years.

Young children regularly play in many dimensions already. Unfortunately, we have relegated those adults who operate in multi-dimensions as crazy, disturbed or at best, mystics. Shamans regularly move back and forth between the dimensions and have helped the human race deal with the major shifts of evolution our universe is moving through, because they don't doubt the existence of these realities.

If I am right, we are at the leading edge in developing a tool that will help in the  transfiguration of our species! This is less about how each of us is advancing individually, by treating the water we drink, it is far more a commitment to participating in something that is for the transformation of our species and our solar system and maybe even the whole “shootin Match”!

That's my story and I'm sticking with it!

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