How do I use Aquaware in the Bathing and Showering Mode?

How do I use Aquaware in the Bathing and Showering Mode?

As stated elsewhere, proximity doesn't matter, so you don’t need to take your computer into the bath or shower with you! 


Begin filling your tub and go back to your computer. Put your attention on the bath water and select your intent type from the Bathing category. Under Bathing you’ll find quite a list of preprogrammed conditions, but there’s an alternative. There is a Bathing type under General Purpose. This one is just to treat yourself to a wonderful bath with no particular intent in mind, but you can add an intent. Hit the bath water with it (3 minute cycle), and then hit it with anything else in all of the groups and categories (except for under Bathing, which would be redundant).  

Examples: 1) Bathing, 2) PMS/Menstrual (highly recommended!); or 1) Bathing, 2) Skin Radiance; or 1) Bathing, 2) Oxygenation (highly recommended!); or 1) Bathing, 2) Fountain of Youth (also highly recommended!).  


For the shower just start it, put your attention on it, and select Showering from the General Purpose group. This cycle also lasts for 10 minutes. As already stated, Water Prep is built into this type and is therefore unnecessary. One of the ways you’re going to know just how effective Aquaware is will be in the feel and health of your skin from the Bathing and Showering. We’ll say no more and let you see this for yourself.

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