Introduction from Peter J. Schenk, The Modern Day Mystic


It’s my sincerest hope that earlier versions of Aquaware have served you well over the years.  Today I'm proud to announce the latest addition of Aquaware Version 3.0 almost seven years after the release of version 1.0.

Aquaware 3.0 is a paradigm shifting spiritual tsunami destined to carry humanity beyond its current limitations to a level of consciousness never before imagined. Folks I have spent the last four months laboring over my all-time favorite program to deliver something very special to you.  Aquaware 3.0  is unlike anything you have seen before or experienced.

User Comments

  • "Tool has connections out of this world!"
  • "This is the most Awesome tech invented for downloading your most wanted reality!"
  • "The changes and quality that came by the push of a button where unimaginable until Aquaware 3.1!

New features

  • New Engine Design
  • 499+ Intents (See intent list here: LIST)
  • 148 New intents (New Intent List Attached)
  • 4 New Categories  Include
    • Super Potent
    • Spiritual Purposes
    • Abilities
    • Miscellaneous

All your old favorite intents only more potent and powerful!




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