Mode Selection Feature

Mode Selection Feature


Mode Selection Button and Icon


Mode Selection—select Automatic, Manual or Standby modes. o History and History Reset—display and/or erase your Aquaware usage history. 

We have already exposed you to Automatic Mode, as you can see in the lower left of the screenshot above. Now let’s show you what Manual and Standby Modes are and how to select them.

Go ahead and mess around with the two selection methods so that you can see the options as they display. When you’re ready, select Manual Mode and you’ll see how the mode indicator changes, and X and Y coordinates boxes appear, as shown in the next screenshot.

PLEASE NOTE: Manual Mode does not apply to either Water Prep or User Prep.
Now go ahead and set your power output with the slider (or type a two digit number in the box) click Intent Types One and select the fourth option under Bathing and Showering, which will be ADHD.

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